Youtube is back online in Pakistan



Pakistan is hit not once but several times by Blasphemy issues in which many people have lost their lives or if I say they have taken other people’s lives…… moving on and talking about social network and entertainment which should be only entertainment not violating…. as ethics applies !!! YOUTUBE one of the largest video gallery of the world was banned as it violated and damaged the sentiments of Muslims by displaying the inappropriate stuff, in result it was banned for four years. Still it was used by almost everyone in Pakistan through proxy softwares.

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Questions arises do we really care what youtube and other sites display?? if not then why it had become one of the reason of chaos and panic. If a Muslim by faith and believe is strong should never be bothered but such things. Muslims especially Pakistanis should control and use the emotions carefully. If something happens they should condemn things not destruct things just because that those who are good at minds are making a wrong use of our heart and feelings.

Now youtube is back after four years and it still has the same stuff due to which it was banned in Pakistan….. Now think what good we get in four years of its ban? the answer is nothing.
If there is harmony between people and their feelings then such things can never damage or harm our societies. All we need is to set ourselves for the right things happening around us once we become strong religiously, socially, intellectually and economically nothing can deviate us from our chosen path(Islam).

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By: Anum Babar


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