WTF America? 2015 Black Friday Fight Videos Show How the US Has Lost Its Humanity



This year, Black Friday started on Thursday after an early Thanksgiving dinner. What a crime! So many people leaving family time to shop and feed their materialist god.

However, all these “deals” people believe they get are really false. Prices are more than likely inflated before the holiday so that people think they are getting an amazing deal. Thus, all those great savings people think they are getting are nothing but a commercially organized ploy coupled with the desire of American retailers to unload inventory before it all carries over to the next year and they get taxed on it.

Like we stated earlier, the madness started last night and is probably still going strong in most places.

In this first video, we see a bunch of people dive for what looks like an amazingly priced rice cooker. Then one shopper does the unthinkable and steals one from a child! I am not even going to try to understand why a woman would bring her small child to such a hectic place.

In this next video, a Walmart employee and customer go head to head for some “important” reason. Yet again, one can see children in the background and the sound of what appears to be a young child crying. What are we teaching our children?

This man decides going over the refrigerator unit is much faster than walking around like a regular human. “You saved so much time, sir. Good job!” I guess there was just a deal he saw that he had to have. One can’t have too many DVDs.

People waiting to stampede into a mall decide to take their issues to the floor. Talk about “love they neighbor as thy self.” Who knows why this fight started.

When the police need to be called in to help maintain order, we know it’s serious. One man is so consumed with getting a fantastically priced TV that he punches a police officer in the face. I think this guy won poor decision of the week. “Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.”

Sadly, mass commercialism seems to be spreading. This news report shows Black Friday mayhem that only matches an episode of Doctor Who where aliens invade. Seriously bonkers!

It is sad that people will go to such extremes to purchase the latest thing but stand by as climate change becomes readily apparent and corruption in the government runs deep.

Maybe we should have a Green Friday where people can show up to plant a tree or clean a park. That is something I would take my kids to and it would be a great way to work off a Thanksgiving feast!

Let’s make this a thing!

Of course, this stuff has been going on for several years now. Check out more highlights:


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