Women hands in bureaucracy



women ‘s hands in bureaucracy
Pakistan is blessed with immense talent and skills and it becomes more obvious when Pakistanis are given chance especially women.Our society welcomes doctors and somehow engineers and then when they see women in bureaucracy it gets challenging for them to accept her as a bureaucrat.Shandana azizullah who has done her senior Cambridge from convent(Jesus and Mary) Murree and her college was Kinnaird college Lahore and ICG Islamabad from there she moved on towards masters in Public administration(IMstudies).But when there is no compromise on hard work and strong commitment and dedication the myth that women cannot work in bureaucracy especially KPK chapter starts breaking down.Shandana is among those who broke the stereotype and emerged as CSS officer who belongs to 37CTP PA&AS cader of the civil services of Pakistan. Serving Pakistan Audits and Accounts for years she is promoted to, as chief Environment and Agriculture P&DD and presently she deals as chief of foreign aid and affairs with all the foreign correspondence and development partners such as DFID GIZ GERMAN EMBASSY UN European UNION AUSAID.Being the first lady officer in history of KPK who has been given this assignment for foreign aid considering the sensitivity and diplomatic panache. she aims high to serve the bureaucracy of Pakistan and breaking down the stereotype that women too can work in bureaucracy. All we need is to recognize them provided by opportunities.

Contributed By: Anum Babar

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