It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living.



Have you ever experienced a day without food? Well, most of us will reply this question as “absolutely not” because majority of us are born in those families who are bestowed by Almighty in such a way that we have never imagined what life would be if we have to live that way for most part of our lives. Imagine a day of June under burning sun with no shelter or a night of January under the open sky with no blanket. No matter what we think but majority of us cannot survive under such circumstances when this scenario prolongs to years or decades. While the world is full of people who starve to death and our country is no different in depicting this picture no matter where you are: recreational places, parks, markets, hospitals, educational institutes, roundabouts or traffic signals, people of all ages from infants to elder mates of community can be seen begging, there are some people who feel honored in helping others and taking care of their basic needs which need to be fulfilled.


Renowned actor Ahsan Khan is one of those noble personalities who find themselves to be a mode of soothing needy persons by fulfilling their basic needs. In a 3rd world country where majority lives under poverty line and they have nothing to eat or wear and no place to live, people like Ahsan Khan are not only a ray of hope that strengthens our belief in this motherland but they also urge other people to think that what life would be if we replace ourselves with those needy individuals in that instance. The acclaimed actor posted a video of an old person on his Facebook page  who was a picture of a lost and miserable soul. Many people criticized his effort of rescuing that elder citizen by giving shameful remarks on his English speaking fluency and saying that he is not a Muslim, he is lying and is a drug addict.


Poverty brings many habits which our society condemns but this disapproval has no impact on people who have to worry about their next meal because appetite is a daemon which negates that boundary demystified by our so called society. Even if someone knows that man personally, would he/she like to live a single day without food or shelter? Can someone control his/her hunger for days under scorching sun? Can anyone survive freezing nights for months when intense cold winds penetrate skin and he/she can die of Hypothermia? Casual criticism can bring no good to our society when there is a lack of practical implication. As a society to thrive and eliminate poverty, vigorous attempts are required at distinctive levels by idiosyncrasies.

Contributed by: Ahmad Sarosh Huda (Facebook)


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