Chinese guy claims to have carved nine iPhone 6S to get back at ex-girlfriend


Chinese guy claims to have carved nine iPhone 6S to get back at ex-girlfriend

This might be one of the most lavish revenges you’ve ever seen: A Chinese man claimed to have carved messages on nine brand-new iPhone 6S, because he wanted to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend, who had cruelly dumped him one year ago just for an iPhone 6.

Photos that went viral on Monday claim to show nine separately damaged iPhone 6S, with Chinese characters scratched on each screen. They are all part of one letter from a broken-hearted man: “Last September, you dumped me for my friend just because of an iPhone 6. Thanks to your looking down on me, I could work harder [and became successful]. On the first anniversary after we broke up, I present to you nine iPhone 6S to mourn our doomed relationship.”

The photos were posted Sunday afternoon on the man’s Weibo account @Moqishao, and have now attracted over 16,000 reposts.

Though the man claimed that he carved on nine iPhone 6S, netizens seemed to have a hard time buying that. One Weibo user @_Xuedinge believes his photos of nine phones are a hoax. “I’ll believe you have nine of them, as long as you take a photo of these nine phones lined up together.”

More netizens would rather believe that the man had actually carved on nine tempered glass screen protestors, and used them on one phone.

But no matter if the man was telling the truth or not, he was deemed boring by most people. @GexinChester commented that he felt happy for his ex: “A fool like you…Lucky for that girl to have left you.”








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