10 young Pakistanis who have made us proud



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Sumail, at the age of 15, sold his bike so he could enter a gaming tournament where his team achieved second place. He was also the youngest member on his team and won $1.2 Million!

Pakistan is home to a lot of talent. Many children of this nation have gone on to do great things and have made their mark around the globe. One such celebrated example of talent was Arfa Karim, one of the youngest Microsoft Certified professionals in the world.

Our youth has, time and again, demonstrated to the world that Pakistan refuses to be overlooked in any aspect, be it education, sports, IT, acting or even video games!

Here are 10 young Pakistanis who swam against the tides and came out winners. We are proud to introduce:

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If you know any other young pakistani who made us proud…please share with us 🙂

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